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Shocking Amount of People Think Sex With Robots Counts as Cheating

Sex with robots isn’t just approaching — it’s already here. Sex doll manufacturers are seizing on every new advance in artificial intelligence (AI) to make simulated partners more lifelike. The idea of living with a robot partner could soon transcend science fiction and the internet’s darker corners and hit the mainstream. A preference for a synthetic partner could become mainstream behavior and no longer a considered deviant. Robots could replace sex between couples, according to experts. Now it is estimated that realistic sex robots will become more common within a decade.

Our growing immersion in technology means that it is only a matter of time before it takes a mainstream role in sex. Put simply: sex between couples will increasingly be saved for special occasions as  robots step in to satisfy our everyday needs.

Scientists predict that the use of (AI) devices in the bedroom will be socially normal within 25 years – and that the machines would enable people to appreciate ‘the real thing’.

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For most men, meeting the girl of their dreams takes time but one company is offering to drop her off outside your door in just a few days.  Sex dolls are now so life-like that they come with authentic-looking eyes and skin that feels real to touch. One maker will even customise a doll to your exact requirements so you can choose her bust size, hair colour, eyes and everything about her right down to moveable fingers.

 When the spark went out of Masayuki Ozaki’s marriage, he found an unusual outlet to plug the romantic void — a silicone doll he swears is the love of his life. The life-size dummy, called Mayu, shares his bed under the same roof as Ozaki’s wife and teenage daughter in Tokyo, an arrangement that triggered angry rows before a delicate truce was finally declared. When my daughter realised it wasn’t a giant Barbie doll, she freaked out and said it was gross — but now she’s old enough to share Mayu’s clothes.” Ozaki is one of an increasing number of Japanese men turning to rubber romance in a country that’s lost its mojo. He also admits to being turned off by human relationships. “Japanese women are cold-hearted,” he said while on a seaside stroll with his silicone squeeze. Admirers at a “love doll” exhibition in Tokyo are a far cry from the stereotypical image of an introverted pervert fulfilling his dark fantasies with an anatomically correct plastic companion in his lonely apartment. Visitors at the venue can be heard praising the beauty and life-like appearances of what are essentially toys used by men for acts. These accolades often come from women. In fact, women account for 60 percent of the 4,000 people who have visited the exhibition called Ima to Mukashi no Ai-Ningyo (Love dolls of today and the old days). Some experts say women are increasingly showing an interest in love dolls because attitudes have changed toward what is considered indecent. Still, the number of women at the exhibition has surprised even the organizer of the event.

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Sex robot cracks jokes and spouts philosophy

Mum and son unveil £3,500 sex robot called Samantha who cracks jokes and spouts philosophy

Silicon Samantha can switch between a family mode and a sex setting

A MUM and son have proudly unveiled a £3,500 sex robot called Samantha which is going on sale in their adult shop.

Tracey and Christopher Whitmore have gained the second licence in the country to sell realist kinky robots.

 The sex doll sells for a whopping £3,500The sex doll sells for a whopping £3,500

Silicon Samantha has different personalities, can talk about philosophy and even tells jokes.

The mother-and-son duo run Vibez Adult Boutique in Aylesford, Kent, and hope lonely men or couples wanting to spice up their love lives will snap her up.

Tracey says the latest addition to her stock can switch between a family mode and a sex setting.

She said: “Sex dolls have always been a problem in terms of getting a realistic one.

“You have your blow-up ones that look comical and cost between £20 and £100.

“Samantha has different personalities and she has a family mode where she will be able to give facts about various things and talk about philosophy.

“She can tell jokes and she can’t just accidentally go into sex mode.”

 The mum and son say people who buy sex dolls are usually lonely people that are looking for companionship

SWNS:South West News Service
The mum and son say people who buy sex dolls are usually lonely people that are looking for companionship

Samantha is charged via a USB cable and interacts through artificial intelligence.

Synthea Amatus created the lifelike dolls and Tracey is tipping the specialist toys to become a top product.

The company, headed by Spanish creator Serge Santos, has sold 30 dolls worldwide and is believed to be working on a male model.

Tracey said: “The artificial intelligence stuff is mind-blowing.

“She has a brain and can interact with you and even learns from people.

“We have only had her two weeks now. We are an adult store so people aren’t going to call us for a family bot – they want a sex bot.

 Silicon Samantha is charged via a USB cable

SWNS:South West News Service
Silicon Samantha is charged via a USB cable

“The people who buy these dolls are usually lonely people that are looking for companionship and something for a sexual purpose.

“She appeals to couples who might want to experiment but don’t want the jealousy element.”

While Vibez has just one on sale at present, orders can be taken and deliveries can be made within six weeks.

Tracey wouldn’t say whether she or her son have taken the doll for a test ride.

Tracey added: “This is just the beginning – Samantha is very much a prototype.

“She has an SD card that goes into the brain and will be able to adapt and be updated.

“Samantha will be ever-evolving and she will be getting better and better.”

With dramatic technological advances, sex dolls have featured heavily in the news in recent months.

These high-tech love machines now offer their owners new levels of intimacy – responding to questions, remembering their birthday and even orgasming during “sessions”.

Four brave Sun reporters were asked to unbox and assemble a sex doll in an attempt to find out why people are going barmy for the bonking Barbies.

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Austrian brothel buys a second sex doll

Austrian brothel buys a second sex doll after its first is highly demanded by customers over real women


Austrian brothel buys a second sex doll after its first is highly demanded by customers over real women

An Austrian brothel has bought a second sex doll after its first is forcing clients to waits hours and has become more preferred to customers than real women.

The sex doll ‘Fanny’, became worldwide news in July after it emerged as the top-selling superstar of the Kontakthof brothel in Vienna,

According to reports, Kontakthof brothel, rents out sex doll Fanny for 80 euros (£72.90) per hour, but due to a huge demand, they have now gotten second sex doll as Fanny is often completely booked for several days in a row.

Fanny, who is 5ft 1in and weighs 6st, has long blonde hairs and big breasts.

Austrian brothel buys a second sex doll after its first is highly demanded by customers over real women

Austrian media are reporting that a growing number of other brothels are making the switch to include sex dolls to improve their businesses.

Peter Laskaris, who operates two brothels in Vienna, said that although life-like dolls from Japan ‘cost up to 7,000 euros (£6,382)’ it is ‘obviously a trendy sex fetish’ which other brothels must also follow.

Austrian brothel buys a second sex doll after its first is highly demanded by customers over real women


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Meet the realistic sex doll

Meet the realistic sex doll who’s making hundreds of men in Ireland leave home for good sex

Following the increasing demands for robots in some part of the country, an Irish brothel has claimed that they are now welcoming over hundreds of new customers after they began renting it out.

The Dublin establishment made headlines last month after advertising its lifelike sex doll for a reported €100-an-hour.

The robot, dubbed Passion Dolly, has been described as “Ireland’s most realistic sex doll” and was shipped here from the US, reports the Irish Mirror.

The doll has achieved such great success that it’s owners, two Eastern European bordello workers, now want to expand the business overseas.

The ad on an adult website reads: “Are you wasting money paying for sex… or watching porn? Why not have the full pleasure of having sex with the most beautiful girl whenever you want and as many times as you want? Passion Dolly is an ultra-realistic sex doll for your pleasure.

“She is made of either TPE or medical silicone and has a metal skeleton as an internal structure to allow you to bend and twist the doll’s torso, head, arms, and legs to pose in any sexual position you please.”

An hour of Dolly’s time costs €100, while a half an hour is available at €50.

The robot’s owner added: “I’ve been thinking of buying a sex doll for a long time. I bought one online and left it out for customers to see.’

“Everyone who saw it said, ‘it’s unbelievable, it’s so realistic’. So I thought why not rent it out to customers.

“When the majority of the feedback was positive, I was so surprised.

“This type of service is way ahead of its time.”

The Eastern European owner explained: “We have her about a month and have had dozens of visitors, mostly Irish men and ranging in all ages.

“Some of them are a bit lonely, a few have social problems interacting with women, while others have a fascination with dolls.”

One of the owners told “My idea is to expand the business to other cities and countries. Once we’re more established in Dublin, we will try to expand throughout Europe.”

“I believe America already have similar services, they’re a little bit ahead.

Passion Dolly can be rented out in one of the brothel’s rooms for €85-an-hour or €45 per half hour.

Last week, we also reported a similar story of an Austrian brothel, who bought their second sex doll after its first is highly demanded by customers over real women